My favorite is the lavender cbd cream. Scent is soothing and relaxing. I use at bedtime to help with sleep. | Barbara

Lavender lotion is super effective. I had an itchy razor burn … totally fixed it. Excited to try the isolate. | Jessica

I use the CBD oil during the day to calm my nerves and in the evening to relax as safer for me than pharmaceuticals. The unscented lotion I use for my knee and elbow joints to relieve any pain or tension. OTC lotions have an unpleasant smell and only provide temporary relief. | David

I ran out of my CBD after using the oil for a few months to help with neck and back pain from my construction job and persistent arthritis. Almost immediately, I noticed that the pain slowly came back, and I made sure to get back on my regimen of Erkati CBD oil to manage my inflammation. | Charles