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Use of CBD in COVID-19 Pandemic

a man in a mask, a man at a computer and a masked woman next to a window stressed out from covid-19 coronavirus

These times are uncharted waters with everything we hold to be true being turned upside down. Who could have predicted that restaurants and bars, as well as live performance venues, are endangered species. If you looked into your crystal ball 6 months ago, you would never have guessed that dining out with a group of friends, weddings, concerts, going to the gym, and beauty appointments would be abruptly halted for several weeks. That Zoom Virtual meetings would be a daily occurrence, children would be e-learning, and we would all be stressed beyond belief.

The one thing that is true is that we all need to relax in our heightened panicked state of fight or flight, especially in an election year. Luckily Erkati CBD products are here to support you during these difficult times. Responsibly affordable and Small Batch Crafted with Love, our THC-Free oils and lotions and isolate aid with relaxation, sleep, and pain relief.