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CBD available at major online retailers may not be what it seems

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Have you ever looked on your favorite major online retailer for CBD products? 

Guess what comes up? Products that are made of hemp seed oil. You’re probably thinking, Cool! CBD is made from hemp. I need to calm my ass down so 2 day delivery…do your thing! 

While a few actual CBD products may sneak through the AI gatekeepers of major online retailers, the large majority of products listed are made from hemp seed oil which contains ZERO CBD or THC. (It’s against Amazon, EBay, and other sites’ policies to sell CBD.)

Consumers- Beware. Not all CBD products are the same. From convenience stores to grocery stores, spas to farmer’s markets, CBD is big business. Every Tom Dick and Harry would like to get into this multi-billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, some producers are taking shortcuts by utilizing purposely confusing labels and messaging to take advantage of unwitting consumers to benefit from this meteoric ride.

Hemp Seed Oil is the new snake oil. While there are health benefits from the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in hemp seed oil, the products on everyone’s favorite online store are being postured the same as CBD. Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are not the same.

The lesson here is to look for a COA (Certificate of Analysis) from a legit licensed lab to verify the amounts of active ingredients before you purchase. You might see a 1 oz bottle for sale that says 1,000,000 and another that says 1,000 mgs and think that the prior was a superior product because the number was bigger. This labeling is quite misleading. 1,000,000 is what exactly? If milligrams, that would be 1 full kilo and it would fit inside of a large tub- roughly the size of a bucket vs. a small vial. If it looks too good to be true, take a second look and request a COA.