Our Story

A family owned business, the name Erkati comes from combining the names of three magical siblings. Throughout their lives, they have been creating businesses from retail to restaurants and everything in between. The oldest has had a passion for chemistry and cannabinoids since his youth and it seemed fitting to to expand this exuberance to the entrepreneurial space. Mom has been the key communicator of these popular created products as she is the first to introduce them to friends and family and provide feedback as to what the market wants. Along with the family, we have a tight-knit team of highly talented unicorns that share our passion and vision. What makes Erkati products unique is that they are all Small Batch CBD Products Crafted with Love and Responsibly Affordable. We believe that there are too many products in the CBD retail industry that are priced inappropriately high for the low amount of active CBD, or are out of reach for the average consumer. Erkati is looking to change that. We work with a small group of specially curated farms and labs to ensure that the products we deliver meet our customers’ expectations of a superior product at a great price. Because production is not in volume by the thousands of units, Erkati has the flexibility to create new products and ensure quality control and freshness. Is there a CBD product you would like? Let us know. We are game to develop it. Soon we will be able to support private labeling, Distributors and Affiliates. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

Erkati Family Photo
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